Queer Surroundings


Katharina Brunner

This page is used to take a look at the data of the Remove NA project. All of the people in this queer history dataset did not exist on their own. They were (and are, not all are dead) surrounded with other people they loved, collaborated with, were persecuted by, were inspired and inspired. This application is designed to help show all these different type of surroundings of person - both positive and negative.

Accordingly, the definition of a companion is: Someone appears in connection with the person in focus either in Factgrid, the database for historical projects, Wikidata or Wikipedia. Technically this page utilizes federated queries starting at the Factgrid SPARQL Endpoint.

Not every person in the dataset is queer

But every person appears in connection with the data of the Forum Queer Archive Munich. Two examples of non-queer persons: Participants in historical events or authors of books that are in the archive’s holdings.

Choose a specific Person

In the following table you will find all the people from the project from which a personal surroundings can be drawn. Copy the value from the column Identifier into the field above.

All available persons

By Katharina Brunner