This page is used to take a look at the data of the Remove NA project All of the individuals in this queer history dataset did not exist on their own. They were and are surrounded by people they love, people they collaborated with, people they were followed by, people they were influenced by, and people who were inspired by them. In short: their companions.

If you only take the data from Remove NA, you will not do justice to this network of relationships. Only in interaction with other data sources can one get halfway close to reality. It makes sense to connect Wikidata and Wikipedia. DBpedia is a Knowledge Graph derived from Wikipedia and updated several times a year.

Accordingly, the definition of a companion is: Someone appears in connection with the person in focus either in Factgrid, the database for historical projects, Wikidata or Wikipedia Technically this page utilizes federated queries starting at the Factgrid SPARQL Endpoint .